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Responsible for Auditech's website

NIF/NIE: B88366414
Registered address: Calle Arcos de Jalón, 108 10-A (28037 - Madrid, Spain)
E-mail address: [email protected]
Online contact form: GENERAL CONTACT:
Responsible for the processing and managing personal data files: Auditech Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L.
Auditech's page, (from now on the website)
Main website:
Social Profiles: (Linkedin and Twitter)


Responsible for processing personal data

The Responsible of the treatment is: Auditech Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L. (B88366414) with address in Calle Arcos de Jalón, 108 10-A (28037 - Madrid, Spain) and contact email [email protected]
Contact details of the Personal Data Security Manager: [email protected] ; [email protected]


Users of our website may contact Auditech, through a written communication to our registered office, or through any of the two email addresses indicated above. In both cases, the request have a copy of the ID document enclosed of the person concerned (DNI, NIE, passport or any other document that can be used for this purpose). This will allow the user to request his/her rights under the current legislation on Personal Data Protection:

Right to request access to personal data

  • As the interested party, you will be able to request a specific confirmation to determine if Auditech is processing your personal data.

Right to request correction:

  • Should you consider that your personal data has been processed incorrectly, or if it has been deleted, this will consist of the specific deletion of the data, with the applicable legal exceptions concerning the conservation of such personal data.

Right to request the restriction of processing:

  • When exercising this right, any personal data that may be held by Auditech will only be kept for the exercise or defense of claims, at the request of the interested party.

Right to oppose processing:

  • Auditech will stop processing your personal data, in the manner specified to us, unless there are any legal requirements to keep them.

Right to data portability:

  • In case you want your data to be processed by another operator or company, Auditech will transfer it through the portability of your data, established by the European Data Protection Regulation, to the new controller
  • To download models for inquiries and other model documents, you can go to the official website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency
  • There is also an explicit possibility for the holder of the personal data, to withdraw at any time, the consent, in case it has been granted to Auditech, to comply with a specific purpose, without this withdrawal affecting in any manner the legitimacy of the consent, based on the first authorization, prior to the withdrawal.
  • In case you wish to complain to the National Control Authority (Spanish Data Protection Agency, AEPD): If the owner considers that there is disagreement regarding the manner in which Auditech is handling his personal data, you may address your complaint to the Security Officer of Auditech or to the above-mentioned Spanish Data Protection Agency, AEPD.
  • For processing disaggregated data, the data and statistical information disaggregated by gender, which are usually supported by other categories such as age, ethnicity, social class, among others. Therefore, based on the distinction made among the population on the basis of biological differences that are permanent, Auditech states that this disaggregated data will be kept without a period of time to be deleted.
  • site users’ data will be held differently, depending on the type of service contracted by the client. In any case, the period for which they are stored will always be the minimum required, and will never exceed four years, in accordance with the Law on Offences and Sanctions in Social Order and in relation to their obligations regarding membership, registration, cancellation, contributions, payment of salaries, etc.; Arts. 66 and the following. Of the General Tax Law, with regard to the data contained in the accounting books:
  • 5 years according to Art. 1964 Civil Code, to exercise personal actions that do not require the calculation of any period different from the general one.
  • 6 years: according to art. 30 of the Commercial Code, with regard to data contained in accounting books, invoices, etc.
  • 10 years, according to Article 25 of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, for data conservation in the face of these possible crimes
  • User data uploaded by Auditech to pages and social network profiles, Twitter and Linkedin: As long as the user gives his/her consent until he/she withdraws it.

Our web and hosting: Auditech’s website works under an SSL TLS v.1.2 encryption, which enables sending personal data safely through contact forms available on Auditech’s website, developed by FormCraft, and hosted on the server that 1&1 (Ionos) offers to Auditech.

While browsing website, any personal data collected will be automatically processed and included in the files owned by Auditech.

Similarly, information from your IP will be collected in order to verify the origin of the message (to confirm the identity of the sender), as well as to be able to offer you a better service (for example, in order to provide you with recommendations of professionals and services in countries other than Spain) and to determine the possible existence of irregularities and vulnerabilities (for example, that two different clients write from the same IP address), as well as information related to your Internet Service Provider.

If you prefer to do so, you may also provide Auditech with your personal data through conventional means, such as e-mail and other means of communication.
Our email service provider is 1& (Ionos)

We do not use instant messaging services such as whatsapp or chat services, except for the platform used for communications, which manages a private area, exclusive to each client.


Auditech uses profiles in some of the most common social networks available, such as Linkedin or Twitter. We are responsible for those data for which Auditech may be accountable, such as publishing in social profiles of photos or images in which people appear.

The processing Auditech may perform with the data in each of these networks will be, at most, that which the specific social network (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) has established for corporate pages or profiles. Therefore, Auditech may inform those interested, provided that there is no specific legal prohibition, through the given social network, information regarding events, publications, or corporate information related to the activity of the same.

Please read the following notice:

Auditech will never extract data from social profiles unless there is a specific authorization from the owner to carry out such action. Privacy Policy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.