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Cloud computing is continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. Often, moving to cloud technologies is a unique opportunity to increase your business flexibility, while strengthening your development teams through sustained growth and a self-service infrastructure.

An elegant solution to the wrong problem solves nothing

- M. Bryce

What is Cloud?

Cloud computing is a technological model that allows access to a set of computing resources (both software and hardware) in a ubiquitous, personalized, and on-demand manner through the Internet.

The main features that make Cloud Computing different in relation to other conventional systems are:

Pay per use:
  • Your company will only pay to use the resources in the cloud without any extra costs, thus reducing investments in infrastructure or fees to purchase licenses.
  • Using cloud enables your company to outsource IT resource management. Therefore, you can eliminate any costs associated with the installation and maintenance of your own infrastructure and you can focus your resources on more productive areas of your business core.
  • You can choose the system functions you need at any time
  • In addition, all users in your company will have access to the services of the same platform
  • This means that all users will be able to access the service’s capabilities without having to contact the provider
Unlimited access:
  • As long as you have a device with access to the network, the services acquired are always available from any place and at any time

What we have to offer for you

  • Deployment planning
  • Project strategy definition and general resource allocation.
  • Cloud platform configuration
  • Define the services to be implemented.
  • User provisioning
  • Define users and roles.
  • Data migration
  • We will analyze the best strategy to proceed with data migration that has the least impact on your business.
  • Change Management
  • Define and implement actions to ensure a successful change
  • Ongoing support
  • You will have our team of IT experts at your service to make any changes or to advise you on your new projects.

Consultancy and assessment to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud. We will assess you on the best solution for your information, while guaranteeing your data availability and security at the lowest possible infrastructure costs.

Outsourcing and migrating infrastructure and services with full availability and control. We will migrate your infrastructure with the least impact on your business.

Cloud infrastructure management and maintenance. We take care of keeping and managing your infrastructure. You will have access to our panel of clients where you can contact our experts whenever you need.

Our choice of cloud providers.